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Plugin installation & setup services

All our plugins are designed to be easy to use and quick to set up by following the instructions in this knowledge base. However, we understand if you're short of time and would like a little help.

If you're setting up one of our plugins yourself and just need a little help, feel free to send us a support request - we've got your back. Alternatively, if you're looking for a more complete setup service, then we've partnered with Codeable to provide this to our customers.

Codeable's team of expert developers are experienced with working with Barn2's plugins. They're ready and waiting to set them up for you in no time.

How it works

  1. Codeable WordPress plugin setup serviceClick on the link below for the installation/setup service you're interested in.
  2. This will take you to a 'Post a job' form on the Codeable website, pre-filled with details of the job along with a fixed price quote and our preferred experts.
  3. Read through the description and add any extra information about your requirements.
  4. Submit your project, and wait to hear from a Codeable expert.

Available services

Standard plugin installation and setup service

Advanced WordPress plugin setup services

Plugins not listed above

If you're interested in setup services for plugins not listed above, then Codeable's experts can still help. We haven't created pre-defined jobs for our other plugins because there's less demand for a setup service. To find an expert to set up a different Barn2 plugin, simply post a new job on Codeable and an experienced developer will send you a quote.

What does it cost?

When you click through to the 'Post a job' form, you will see a budget section near the bottom. This is pre-filled with an exact price for the job. We have also listed the WordPress plugin installation service costs above.

If your requirements are exactly the same as the pre-filled description, then this will be the exact price you pay for the job.

If your requirements are more complex then the developer will re-quote before you decide whether or not to accept the project. There is no commitment until they have confirmed the price and you have accepted it.

Can I book additional services?

Absolutely! The pre-defined jobs are just common tasks that are helpful to lots of people who use our plugins. When you create your project, you add any further requirements, including more complex customization requests. Codeable's experts are experienced in working with and customizing our plugins, and are happy to quote for more bespoke work.

You can either do this by clicking on a specific job above and editing the pre-filled description; or by creating a brand new project on Codeable.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

Getting started

To use any of our plugin setup services, just click on the above links.

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