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Problems buying a plugin with PayPal

If you see any PayPal errors while you're trying to purchase one of our plugins, the easiest solution is to try the credit card option instead. It may be that there are insufficient funds in your PayPal account.

"The account is registered in a country that doesn't allow automatic payments"

If you see this error then it means that you live in a country that doesn't allow ongoing PayPal subscriptions (e.g. Germany). When you buy one of our plugins, an annual subscription is created which will automatically renew your license key each year until you cancel. This isn't an option if you live in a country that doesn't support PayPal subscriptions.

Instead, you can buy the plugin using one of these payment options:

  1. Choose the credit/debit card option on our website instead. This lets you pay directly with credit or debit card, and doesn't use PayPal.
  2. If that's not possible for you, please log into PayPal and sendĀ full payment for the plugin (including tax) to us at billing@barn2.com. Send us a support request and we will then send you the plugin files and license key manually. This will be a one-off payment rather than an annual subscription. If you want to renew your plugin license in a year's time then you can do so manually.

Please contact us if you have any further problems buying the plugin.

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