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Can I protect normal WordPress pages as well as product categories?

Some of our WooCommerce Protected Categories customers want to protect other pages on their website in the same way as their protected categories. For example, you might want to password protect the main WooCommerce shop page; or a page created by another plugin such as the 'Request a Quote' page in YITH Request a Quote.

Whether or not this is possible depends on which method you have used to protect your product category.

Password protected category

If you have password protected a category then it's not possible to password protect the page with the same password. If you do this then nothing will break, however users will have to enter the password twice - once when they access the product category, and once when they access the page.

This is because of the way the WordPress password protection cookie (which we also use in WooCommerce Protected Categories) works.

User and role protected categories

If you have restricted the product category so that only specific logged in users or roles can access it, then you can use another plugin to add similar protection to normal pages on your site. WooCommerce Protected Categories will handle the protection for your categories and their products; and the other plugin will handle the protection for your other pages.

We recommend the Advanced Access Manager plugin for this. It comes with free and premium versions, and lets you lets you restrict pages so that only users with a specific role or user account can access them. Restrict the pages to the same users or roles that you have selected for your protected WooCommerce categories. When a user logs into their account, they will be able to access all the restricted content from their single login.

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