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Is Document Library Pro a good Memphis Documents replacement?

Memphis Documents Library was a popular free WordPress document library plugin until it was discontinued for security reasons. Now many users of that plugin are looking for a Memphis Documents alternative.

A lot of people use our Document Library Pro plugin as a Memphis Documents replacement. As the leading WordPress document library plugin, it has everything you need to add, manage and display any type of document online. This includes:

  • 5 ways to add documents - manually, via a front end document upload form, by converting media library files to documents, bulk CSV import, or drag and drop import.
  • Choice of 2 fully cutomizable document library layouts - either a table or a grid view.
  • Lots of document-specific features such as document download buttons, file type icons, preview buttons, and multi-document download buttons.
  • Built-in version control options.

If you're looking for an alternative to Memphis Document Library, then we highly recommend installing Document Library Pro. Here's a review from Alysia, who switched to Document Library Pro after searching for a Memphis alternative:

"I did a lot of research before deciding to use Document Library Pro to replace Memphis Docs. Our library is extensive and the conversion went smoothly by following Barn2's excellent documentation. The plugin is very well-made with features that I didn't even know I needed. I highly recommend this plugin."

How to migrate from Memphis to Document Library Pro

There are three ways to migrate the document data from Memphis to Document Library Pro.

Method 1: Use an import/export plugin

  1. Export the data from Memphis using any WordPress export plugin that supports custom post types, such as WP All Export.
  2. Next, use any of Document Library Pro's bulk import options to import the data. If you use the CSV upload then use our sample CSV file to make sure the data is in the correct format.

Method 2: Use WPSyncSheets

WPSyncSheets is a powerful plugin which allows you to sync data between your WordPress site and a Google Sheet. This means that you can export the document data from the Memphis plugin to a Google Sheet, and then re-import it to the Document Library Pro 'Documents' post type:

  1. Export the data from Memphis using WPSyncSheets For Core. This supports custom post types, including the post type used by Memphis.
  2. Next, use either Document Library Pro’s or WPSyncSheets' For Core's import options to import the data from Google Spreadsheet to Document Library Pro documents.

You can also check the WPSyncSheets For Core documentation for more details.

Method 3: Migrate the document files only

Alternatively, you could find the Memphis documents in wp-content/uploads/mdocs in your website's file system, and use the drag and drop file upload method to add them to Document Library Pro.

This will add all the selected media files as 'Documents' in Document Library Pro, and the filename will be used to auto-populate the document title (so make sure the filenames are clean and descriptive before uploading the files).

Some information, such as the file type and size, will be generated automatically so you can display it in your document library straight away. Other information will need adding manually by finding it in the main list of 'Documents' and using the edit option to add the remaining data.

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