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How can I logout of a password protected category?

The password protected category plugin doesn't have an option to log out. Instead, when a user enters the password to unlock the category, a cookie is set in their browser. The cookie will give them continued access to the protected category and its contents until it expires. Once the cookie expires, the user is 'logged out' of the category and has to re-enter their password to access it again.

There is an option to change the number of days before the cookie expires. For instructions, please click on the link below for the plugin you are using:

If you want to logout your users as quickly as possible, set this to the minimum number of days.

Note: This article is for people who are using password protected categories. If you have protected your categories using the plugin's other options - for example, so that they automatically unlock when someone logs into their user account - then users can log out in the usual way. This logout feature is part of WordPress itself rather than the plugin. 

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