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How to add multiple category filters

In WooCommerce Product Filters, there are two ways to create multiple category filters. We will explain both in this article.

Dependent category filters

Some people want to create step-by-step category filters, where the customer selects a parent category first (e.g. a car manufacturer), and then a list of its sub-categories (e.g. car models for the selected manufacturer) appears alongside.

To do this, create a dropdown category filter and enable the 'Display categories and sub-categories as separate dropdowns' option. This will show them as multiple filters, with the sub- and sub-sub categories (depending on how many levels you have) appearing dynamically when you select a parent category.

WooCommerce step by step category filter

For full instructions, read our in-depth tutorial How to add a WooCommerce step filter to your store.

Display different categories in different filters on the same page

Some store owners want to add multiple category filters to the same page - for example, a clothing store might want one category filter for choosing the type of clothing, and another filter for choosing the type of image printed on the clothing.

To do this, you can use categories for one of the filters and you must either create attributes or custom taxonomies for the other filter. By storing the two types of information as different types of product data, you can display them in separate filters.

For more information, here's a video from one of our live Q&A sessions where we answer a customer's question about this topic:

Display different categories in filters on different pages

Finally, it's also possible to display different category filters on different pages. For example, one page in your store might list the products from clothing categories, and another page might list the shoe categories.

To do this, you can create a separate filter group for each page and add a different category filter to each one. When you create the category filter, you can choose which categories to include in it. (However, this step may not be necessary depending on your setup because WooCommerce Product Filters will only ever show the categories relating to the products on the current page anyway.)

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