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How to show different filters on different pages

When you use the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin, there are several ways to show different filters on different pages. These are explained below.

Create attribute filters dynamically based on the current products

Store owners often want to show different filters on different pages because their products have different attributes which need to be displayed as filters. For example, you might have a store that sells clothing and shoes, and need to show a 'Sleeve length' filter in the clothing categories and a 'Heel height' filter in the shoe categories.

To do this, you do not need to add different filters to different pages. Instead, create an attribute filter and select the 'Show filters for all available attributes' option. This will display a separate filter for each attribute that relates to the products on the current page. That way, different filters will appear automatically in the different areas of your store.

Add different filter groups above the list of products

WooCommerce Product Filters has a global option to show a specific filter group above all the lists of products in your store. If you want to display different filter groups above different lists of products, then you should leave this option disabled. Instead, use a shortcode to manually display filter groups above each list of products.

Show different filter widgets on different pages

The WooCommerce Product Filters plugin has a 'Product Filters' widget which you can use to add a filter group to a sidebar widget. Normally, this will appear throughout your store. However, you can use any widget or sidebar visibility plugin to show different sidebars on different pages. That way, you can add a separate 'Product Filters' widget to each one, each with a different filter group selected.

For example, the free Widget Options plugin is very useful for choosing which page each widget appears on.

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