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Can I hide the price from logged out visitors?

Some wholesale-only stores wish to display their products to the general public, but only show prices and add to cart buttons to logged in users.

You can do this by enabling the 'Hide Prices Until Login' feature in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro.

How to enable 'Hide Price Until Login'

You can hide prices from logged out users by enabling this option on WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Wholesale.

Once enabled, an 'Alternate content' field will appear underneath which you can use to display a message when prices are hidden.

Hide prices until login alternate content

Can I show variations to public visitors while the price is hidden?

Unfortunately this isn't possible because the 'Hide Price Until Login' feature hides the entire 'Add to cart' element, which includes the variation dropdowns. In addition, WooCommerce itself is designed to hide variations that don't have a price. Variation dropdowns are only designed to be visible when the variations are purchasable. 

Instead, we suggest ticking the 'Used for Variations' box on Edit Product → Product Data → Attributes. This will list the attributes on the single product page so that logged out users can see the attributes which make up the variations for that product, even though the actual variation dropdowns aren't visible.

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