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How to sell fixed price menus

Most restaurants sell foods 'a la carte', where the customer pays for each food individually. This article will teach you how to use the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin to sell fixed price menus or meal deals.

How to set up your fixed price menu

  1. Go to Categories → New and create a 'Fixed price menu' category.
  2. Add one or more products to the menu, e.g. 'Small Pizza Meal' and 'Large Pizza Meal'. The price should be the total price for the menu. You can either add these as simple or variable products.
  3. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Restaurant and add the Fixed Price category to your food order form. Make sure it appears first.
  4. Now create other categories (e.g. starters, pizzas, desserts, drinks) and create products and/or variations for all the options that are available under the fixed price menu. Set the price for each product to 0.00. Doing this allows customers to purchase it, but they won't be charged anything because they are paying for the main fixed price menu product instead.

This will create a food order form with the fixed price menu product(s) listed at the top, and the individual foods listed underneath.

Can I restrict how many products people can order as part of the fixed price menu?

You may wish to force people to purchase certain quantities. For example, if a menu allows you to order up to 2 side dishes, then you can avoid mistakes by preventing people from ordering more than 2 products from the 'Sides' category.

You can do this with the WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin, which works nicely with WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering.

Can I automatically give a discount based on order value?

Yes - instead of setting up fixed price menus as described above, you can use the Dynamic Pricing plugin to automatically give a discount based on the value of the order. Please see our separate article about discounts.

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