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Can I link to a page or URL with pre-selected filters?

WooCommerce Product Filters dynamically creates a unique URL for each possible combination of filter options.

As a result, you can link directly to a URL with pre-selected filters:

  1. Add filters to a page as usual.
  2. Visit the page with the filters on the front end of your website.
  3. Select the filter options that you want to link to.
  4. Copy the URL from the top of your browser address bar.
  5. You can then link to the URL as required. When people visit the URL, the correct filters will be pre-selected.

There are several reasons why you might want to do this, such as:

  • To create pages on your site listing specific types of products. For example, maybe you want to add menu links to popular combinations, such as "Blue t-shirts under $20". This can be a good way to boost your sales.
  • If you blog about your products then you can link to the exact combination you're talking about. For example, if you're writing a blog post about how dark colors are in fashion then you can link to a page which is pre-filtered for all the dark colors.
  • To send links to individual customers so that they can quickly find the option they have asked about.

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