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How to display related products in the fast cart

WooCommerce Fast Cart can display related products in a 'You may also like' section of the popup cart.

To display related products in the fast cart, you need to enable the 'Show cross-sells' option in the Cart Contents settings. Once you have done this, then related products will appear in the fast cart whenever any of the products in the cart have cross-sells assigned to them.

A cross-sell is a feature of WooCommerce itself, and allows you to choose which related items appear based on the products in the user's cart. This is different from Upsells, which appear on the single product page instead of in the cart.

For example, if you have a t-shirt product then you might add a matching hoodie as a cross-sell for the t-shirt product. That way, the hoodie will appear as a related product whenever the t-shirt is in a customer's cart.

You can add cross-sells on the 'Edit Product' screen in WooCommerce by scrolling down to the 'Product data' section and opening the 'Linked products' tab. Start typing the name of a product, and select one from the suggestions. You can add as many cross-sell products as you like to each product.

WooCommerce related product upsell popup

For more information and setup instructions for your related products, please see the official WooCommerce documentation about Related Products, Cross-Sells and Up-Sells.

WooCommerce Fast Cart will automatically select the appropriate layout for the related products based on the number of cross-sells which are available for the products currently in the cart.

For example, if the products in the cart only have one cross-sell in total, then the related products will appear as shown below. If there are two, then they will appear in a two-column layout. If there are too many to fit in the fast cart, then arrows will appear allowing customers to view more related products.

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