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How to show different filters to different user roles

With the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin, you can choose which pages to display each filter group on. For example, you might add filters to the main shop page or to a specific pages where you have listed products. However, everyone who visits this page will see the same filters.

Showing different products to different users

If you are using a plugin to show different filters to different customers (for example, WooCommerce Protected Categories) then the filters will only show the products that the current user has access to.

For example, if your store has 100 products but only 20 of them are visible to a particular user role, then customers will only be able to see and filter those 20 products.

Showing different filters to different users

Alternatively, you might want to show completely different sets of filters to different users - for example, based on user role or logged in status.

To do this, you would need to use a plugin like Custom Sidebars (free) to create different widget areas for each user group. You can then add a widget containing a different filter group to each sidebar.

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