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How to add alternating background colors to the table rows

Our Posts Table Pro plugin adds even and odd CSS classes to each row in the table, but doesn’t style them. The actual styling is inherited from your theme, which helps to ensure that your tables match the rest of your website.

Some themes (e.g. Storefront, which we use on our demos) do style tables with alternating background colors, but your theme may not. If you wish to style these, then you would need to add some extra CSS to your site.

We have provided some CSS which you can add to the Customizer under Appearance → Customize. This will add alternating background colors to the rows in your table. You should replace the hexadecimal color codes below with the colors that you wish to use for your alternating background colors:

.posts-data-table tr.odd td {
background-color: #f9f9f9; 
.posts-data-table tr.even td {
background-color: #fff;

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