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Can I add 100% wholesale discounts?

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro fully supports 100% wholesale discounts. There are 2 ways to set this up:

  • Set the global or category wholesale percentage discount to 100%.
  • Set the individual wholesale price for each product to 0.00.

Some of our customers use this method to allow wholesale users to be able to purchase products without paying online. However, we wouldn't actually recommend doing this because there are better ways to achieve the same result.

Instead, we would recommend using one of the offline payment methods that are built into WooCommerce, such as 'Direct bank transfer', 'Check payments' or 'Cash on delivery' (you can rename them to anything you like, such as 'Pay by invoice within 30 days'). You can use the Payment roles option in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro to display this payment method to wholesale users only. That way, wholesale users will see the products displayed with the correct wholesale pricing, and can complete the checkout without having to pay online. Your normal public customers will continue to see your usual payment methods.

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