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Licensing & Updates

License key problems

When you buy a Barn2 plugin, you receive a license key. You must enter this on the plugin settings page and activate it before you can start using the plugin, and to update to new versions in future. We’ve provided an in-depth article about what to do if there is an error with your license key.

How do I upgrade my license key?

All Barn2 plugins come with a choice of licence options. The Business and Agency licenses allow you to use the plugin on more sites, and also come with various extras including priority support, free site audits, and (depending on the plugin) extra bundled plugins. You can upgrade your license key at any time, and just pay the difference between what you have already paid and the cost of the new license.

How do I move my license key to another domain?

You need an active license for each domain that you use the plugin on. If you change domain names - for example when a development site goes live on its final domain - then you need to activate the license on the new domain. We have provided instructions on how to do this.

How do I update the plugin?

We regularly release updates for all our plugins, and recommend that you use the latest version at all times. If your license key is active then you can update the plugin directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Click the ‘Update’ link to install the latest version.

I can't update the plugin

If you can’t update the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard, then there may be a problem with your license key, file permissions, or something else. We have provided an article about what to do if you get an error when trying to update.

How to update the plugin manually

At Barn2, we continually work to improve our plugins. This includes adding new features, bug fixes, and ensuring compatibility with...