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Documents are appearing in the wrong folder

When you enable the folders option in the Document Library Pro plugin, your documents are listed in a folder structure based on their category. To ensure that each document is displayed in the correct folder, it's important to understand how the folder structure works.

  • If a document is in multiple unrelated categories then it appears in multiple folders, under each of its categories.
  • If a document is in a parent category and one or more of its sub-categories, then it works like this:
    • If you have selected the child category only, then the document only appears in a table for the child category.
    • If you have selected both the parent and child category, then the document appears in a table under the parent category and under the child category.
  • We have designed the folders option to work with the shortcode options to include and exclude specific documents, but you need to test carefully. For example, if you use the category option to list documents from specific categories only - e.g. [doc_library folders="true" category="policies,staff"] - then only the folders listed in the category option and their sub-folders will appear in the folder structure.

If documents are showing incorrectly, please check the above rules and make any changes to how they are categorised.

If searching the knowledge base hasn't answered your question, please contact support.