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Template functions


This function can be used in your theme or plugin to retrieve a product table, passing a list of arguments as an array.

array- The list of arguments to create the product table. Argument names are the same as those used in the product table shortcode. List based arguments (such as the columns option) can be passed as a comma-separated string or an array.

string - The complete HTML for the product table table.

$args = array( 
  'columns' => 'name,description,price,buy',
  'filters' => true,
  'category' => 'featured'
$table_html = wc_get_product_table( $args );


Similar to the above function but this function outputs (echos) the table to the page, rather than returning the HTML.

array - The list of arguments to create the product table.

// Print a product table after the main content for a page.

wc_the_product_table( array( 
   'category' => 'featured',
   'rows_per_page' => 5,
   'variations' => true
) );

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