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Can I use WooCommerce Bulk Variations with Product Add-Ons?

Customers sometimes how to use WooCommerce Bulk Variations with other product options plugins such as Product Add-Ons. Unfortunately this isn't possible because WooCommerce Bulk Variations is designed to allow users to select and buy multiple variations at once; whereas product add-ons plugins are designed to allow uses to choose extra options for one variation at a time.

Enabling the bulk variations grid and add-ons for the same product would cause confusion for the user. As a result, if you have enabled the bulk variations grid for a specific product, then any add-ons for that product will not appear.

If you really need to collect extra information from the user, then as an alternative, we recommend adding the extra fields to the checkout instead of the single product page. The information collected applies to the entire order, and therefore avoids the conflict mentioned above. You can do this by using WooCommerce Bulk Variations alongside any checkout field editor plugin, for example:

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