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Can I show/hide discontinued variations in the bulk variations grid?

WooCommerce Bulk Variations is designed to work alongside our WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin to manage discontinued products and variations in your store. This article explains how the two plugins work together.

The WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin adds a 'Discontinued' stock status which you can use to permanently discontinue specific products or variations. The 'Hide discontinued products from the store' option on the plugin settings page lets you choose whether to show or hide discontinued products and variations in your store.

Discontinued variations work as follows:

  • If 'Hide discontinued products from the store' is enabled then discontinued variations will not appear in the bulk variations grid, or anywhere else in your store.
  • Alternatively, if this option is disabled then discontinued variations will appear. However, they are not purchasable so the quantity box will be disabled in the bulk variations grid. This means that the customer can see the variation but not purchase it.

If the 'Show stock level' option in WooCommerce Bulk Variations is enabled then the stock status of each product will appear in the grid. If there are any discontinued variations then these will display the 'Discontinued text' from the WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin settings page:

WooCommerce Bulk Variations discontinued
A product page using both WooCommerce Bulk Variations and WooCommerce Discontinued Products

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