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Can I create Wholesale Only product variations?

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is designed to let you control product visibility by category, rather than for specific variations. However, you might sometimes want to create a product that has some variations for all users, and other variations that are only available to wholesale users.

For example, you could create certain variations for larger quantities of a product in order to achieve bulk pricing and discounts. You would only want to show these bulk variation options to logged in wholesale users.

How to set it up

You can use this method to show specific variations to wholesale users only, while hiding them from public customers:

  1. Create a variable product and add all the variations as usual.
  2. Delete the main price for the variations that you wish to hide from public visitors. (Do not enter 0.00 - you need to leave the price field blank.)
  3. Add an exact variation price for each wholesale role.
Disable variation wholesale users
Leave the main price blank for normal users, while adding a wholesale price

WooCommerce will only display variations that have a price. This means that normal customers won't see the variations that don't have a main price; whereas wholesale users can see these variations because you have entered a wholesale price.

Please note that this method lets you create wholesale-only variations, but not entire products. This is because WooCommerce supports simple products without prices, but will only display variations when a price has been added.

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