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Can I add bulk pricing or quantity-based discounts?

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you set the discount level for each wholesale role. It's not possible to offer additional discounts based on quantity - for example, to give a 10% wholesale discount if you buy less than 10 items, or 20% for buying 10 or more.

Since WooCommerce Wholesale Pro gives role-based discounts, it doesn't work with third party bulk pricing plugins such as Dynamic Pricing.

We are currently tracking the amount of demand for quantity-based pricing rules in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro. Please vote for this feature request if you would like this. We're particularly keen to know exactly what sort of discount rules you would like. We will use this to plan this feature if we add it in future.

In the meantime, we're sorry that WooCommerce Wholesale Pro doesn't support bulk pricing. You can achieve a similar result by using variations to add the different quantity options. To do this, tick the 'Sold individually' box in the 'Inventory' tab of the 'Add Product' screen to disable the default quantity picker, and then add a product variation for each quantity option. That way, you can build the bulk discounts directly into the price for each variation, instead of having to calculate it dynamically.

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