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Using Weglot to translate WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display product information and images in a responsive lightbox. It is compatible with the Weglot Translation Plugin. Therefore you can use Weglot, the most highly rated multilingual WordPress  plugin to translate your responsive lightboxes into multiple languages.

What you will need:

How to translate WooCommerce Quick View Pro

Translating your WooCommerce Quick View Pro with Weglot is a simple five-step process, which should only take five minutes. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a fully translated WooCommerce Quick View Pro lightbox, and the rest of your website will be multilingual, too.

Here are your five steps to follow: 

1. Install Weglot on your WordPress website

From your WordPress Dashboard, head to Plugins → Add New, and search for Weglot. Install, and then Activate the plugin.

2. Create a free Weglot account

Youll find a new Weglot menu item in your WordPress Dashboard: click on this, and then follow the prompts to create a Weglot account. Your account is free to create, and you’ll get access to 2,000 translated words and one language.

You’ll also automatically get a 10-day free trial to a Weglot premium account, which gives you access to up to millions of translated words, and up to unlimited languages.

Once you’ve created your account, copy the API key provided, and then return to the WordPress Dashboard. Enter the API key, and then save changes.

3. Choose your languages on WordPress

From your Weglot dashboard on WordPress you’ll be able to choose your original language  (your website original language) and destination language (the language you want to translate your website into).

In our example the original language is English and the destination language is French.

You’ll be able to choose among 150+ languages supported by Weglot to translate your website.

4. Create your Quick View Pro Lightbox 

Next, install Quick View Pro and setup the appearance and content of your lightbox.  

Your Quick View Pro lightboxes will be automatically translated into your selected language.

You can see how perfectly the Weglot Translation Plugin works with WooCommerce Quick View Pro lightboxes  on our demo website

You can now manage your translations!

5. Manage your translations on your Weglot account. 

You can then edit and manage translations in your Weglot account, using 2 tools:

Method 1: The visual editor

The visual editor lets you edit translations while seeing your page.

From your Weglot Dashboard click on “Visual Editor” then click on "Start Editing". You'll then be redirected on your website, with the ability to edit all your translations. 

To edit a translation, click on the green pencil. A box will pop out and you will be able to edit your  translations. Once done, the following message "Translation saved" will appear.

Method 2: The translations list

The translations list offers smart filters and a search to quickly find your translations.

From your Weglot Dashboard you’ll also have access to the Translation List where you’ll be able to edit, manage and search your translation.

You can easily edit your translation by clicking on it, selecting the column on the right-hand side. Once you’re done editing your translated content you'll see the message 'translation saved'.

NB: Any changes are automatically saved and displayed on your website. 

Search tool: How to easily manage all your translations

From your Weglot Translation List you’ll be able to manage your translation via tools such as:

The type (text, media or meta) and quality (automatic, human-reviewed or professional) filters.

The search bar to search for specific translations.

Folders on the left-hand side to organize your translations.

The creation date and last seen date to sort tools.

Wrapping up

The Weglot Translation plugin will allow you to translate your WooCommerce Quick View lightbox in multiple languages in minutes with a first layer of automatic translation. You can then easily manage and edit all your translations using the Weglot features.

To translate WooCommerce Quick View Pro follow these 5 steps:

  1. Install the Weglot Translation Plugin
  2. Create a Weglot account
  3. Choose your original and destination language
  4. Install Quick View Pro 
  5. Manage your translations using the translation list and the visual editor


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