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Customizing the Quick View templates

WooCommerce Quick View Pro uses a similar template mechanism to WooCommerce.

All template files used in the plugin can be overridden by placing them in a /woocommerce/quick-view-pro/ folder inside your theme folder. You may need to create one or both of these directories.

The main template for displaying the contents of the Quick View is called quick-view.php. To override this template in your theme:

  1. Copy the existing template file contained in the plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-quick-view-pro/templates/quick-view.php)
  2. Place the file in your theme or child theme at this location: /wp-content/themes/my-theme/woocommerce/quick-view-pro/quick-view.php

Then make any changes required to the template.

List of templates used in the plugin

The following templates are used by the plugin. Each can be overridden by placing a file of the same name inside your theme in the /woocommerce/quick-view-pro/ folder:

  • quick-view.php
  • product-image.php
  • product-thumbnails.php
  • product-hidden-content.php

Modifying the Quick View contents via actions or filters

If you inspect the quick-view.php template you'll notice various hooks that you can use to modify the output displayed inside the quick view. For example, the wc_quick_view_pro_after_quick_view_product hook fires after the main product <div> but still inside the quick view. The full list of actions in the template are:

  • wc_quick_view_pro_before_quick_view - before the quick view modal itself
  • wc_quick_view_pro_before_quick_view_product - before the product wrapper.
  • wc_quick_view_pro_quick_view_before_product_details - before the product details. The image gallery is hooked here.
  • wc_quick_view_pro_quick_view_product_details - outputs the product details: name, excerpt, price, etc, depending on plugin settings.
  • wc_quick_view_pro_quick_view_after_product_details - after the product details, if displayed. Available from version 1.2.
  • wc_quick_view_pro_aftere_quick_view_product -after the product wrapper
  • wc_quick_view_pro_quick_view_content_hidden - displays content when a product is "hidden". You can override the product-hidden-content.php template to change the hidden content.
  • wc_quick_view_pro_after_quick_view - after the quick view modal


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