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The VAT number field is missing from the checkout

If you install the Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT plugin and find that no VAT number appears on the checkout, then there are two possible reasons for this.

1. You haven't selected an EU country on the checkout

To keep the checkout clean and simple for non-EU customers, we have coded the plugin to hide the VAT number field from customers outside of the EU. It only appears when you select an EU country from the 'Country' field on the checkout.

If the VAT number isn't appearing for you at the checkout, make sure you have selected a country that is in the EU such as France or Germany. It should then appear underneath the address fields.

2. You haven't enabled taxes in your store

The VAT number field only appears when taxes are enabled in Easy Digital Downloads:

  1. Go to Downloads → Settings → Taxes.
  2. Tick the 'Enable Taxes' box and click 'Save changes'. (Note: You don't need to enter tax rates for each EU county because the standard VAT rates are built into the plugin.)

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