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The VAT information doesn't look right on my order details pages

The Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT plugin automatically adds extra information to the Easy Digital Download order details page, which is used in the following locations:

  • The order confirmation/thank you page which is shown after the payment is completed.
  • The payment details page, which can be accessed from the user's Account area.
  • The {receipt_link} merge tag which adds a link to view the receipt online to the EDD Purchase Receipt email.

If you have customized this template, or created separate templates for the above locations, then the VAT information added by our plugin may not look correct.

If there are styling problems with the VAT information in your customized templates, then these are your options:

  1. Redo your customizations to make them work with the extra VAT information, or;
  2. Disable the 'Include VAT information on order details page' option on the plugin settings page so that this information no longer appears on your customized layout. (Warning: If you do this then it's important to make sure you provide EU tax receipts via another method.)

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