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Where are uploaded files stored?

The WooCommerce Product Options plugin has a 'File Upload' add-on type, which allows customers to upload one or more files to the products they purchase.

A link to the uploaded files is contained in the order notification email. Simply click it to access the uploaded file(s).

To avoid cluttering up your site with user-submitted information relating to your orders, the files are not stored in the WordPress Media Library. Instead, uploaded media files are stored in a separate folder in the Uploads directory. They are protected as follows:

  • Anyone with the direct link can access the file.
  • Files are stored in a randomized directory name which is generated from the customer session id.
  • On Apache powered servers (generally used by cheaper hosts), WooCommerce Product Options automatically makes sure the upload directory and all subdirectories are protected. This prevents anyone from getting unauthorized access to the directory listing and finding out the file URLs in order to access them.
  • On NGINX powered servers (generally used by better hosts such as Kinsta and WPEngine), the directory listing is already disabled so WooCommerce Product Options relies on this protection.

Files which are uploaded and not associated to an order are automatically deleted after 7 days. For example, if a customer has abandoned their cart after uploading files then this stops the files from being permanently stored on your server.

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