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The 'Columns' option in WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering isn't working!

If you find that the 2 column or 3 column layout in WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering isn't working, then this is probably because there isn't room on the page for the number of columns you have selected.

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering displays each food product in a box that is 442 pixels wide, and adds some extra padding between each column. If the content area on your page is too small for the desired number of columns, then instead of looking broken, the plugin will display the number of columns that will fit into the space.

For example, if your content area is 880 pixels wide and you choose a 2 column layout, then two columns of 442px (plus padding) won't fit - therefore the food products will be stacked into one column.

Here are some suggested solutions:

  • Remove the sidebar from your restaurant ordering page and switching to a full-width layout. (Tip: This means that you can't have the 'Cart' widget on the page, so if you want the cart to be visible then we recommend adding a floating cart plugin instead.)
  • Changing the food order form to a 1 column layout. This will look more professional than a broken 2 or 3 column layout because each food product will fit the available space. 

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