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Translating WooCommerce Wholesale Pro into other languages

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro works with most WordPress multilingual plugins, including WPML, Weglot and TranslatePress. You can also create your own translations.


If you are using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with WPML then you can translate the text in the plugin using WPML's String Translations feature.

Creating your own translations

You may wish to translate the plugin yourself. To do this you will need to follow the steps below.

The PO and MO file

In order to translate the plugin into your chosen language, you will need to create two files:

  1. A .po file, e.g. woocommerce-wholesale-pro-it_IT.po
  2. A .mo file, e.g. woocommerce-wholesale-pro-it_IT.mo

The .po file contains the actual translations. The .mo file is a machine-readable version, and is normally generated automatically from the .po file. (If you use software such as PoEdit, this will happen automatically each time you save your translations.)

The .pot file for the plugin is provided in the plugin's /languages folder. You use this file to translate the plugin into your chosen language. We would recommend PoEdit for making your translation, but you can of course use an alternate method.

Once you have made your translation, save the file as woocommerce-wholesale-pro-<locale>.po, replacing <locale> as appropriate. For example, the locale for Italian is it_IT, so the file name would be: woocommerce-wholesale-pro-it_IT.po.

Your .mo file should have the same format, e.g. woocommerce-wholesale-pro-it_IT.mo.

Uploading the files

Upload the files to this location:

<your website>/wp-content/languages/plugins/

Contributing your translation to the plugin

If you create your own translation for WooCommerce Wholesale Pro, then we would love to add it to the plugin!

Please contact us and attach your files so we can add them to a future release.

Does the plugin support RTL/right-to-left languages?

Yes, if you select a RTL language such as Hebrew under Settings > General then the text direction should go from right to left automatically throughout your website.

How to create other language versions of the wholesale login and store pages

The WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin settings page has options to select which page you will use for the Wholesale Login and Wholesale Store pages. If you are using a plugin like WPML which creates a different version of each page, then these settings will only be used for the default language.

You can create Wholesale Login and Wholesale Store pages for additional languages as follows. Alternatively, you can use a front end translation plugin such as WeGlot.

Wholesale Login page

Create a new page for each language and add the [wholesale_login] shortcode to it. This will display a wholesale login/registration form.

Wholesale Store page

If you are using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin, then you can create a new page for each language and use the [product_table] shortcode to list the products.

If you're not using WooCommerce Product Table then the main Shop page can double as the Wholesale Store page for your other languages. When wholesale users visit this page, they see all the products that they have access to, with the correct wholesale pricing for their role.

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