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Can I show stock in the WooCommerce Bulk Variations grid?

WooCommerce Bulk Variations lets you choose whether or not to display stock information in the variations grid.

Displaying stock information

You can either enable stock information on the plugin settings page or for individual products.

This will display whatever information WooCommerce would normally show, and is based on the inventory settings for the variable product, the individual variation, and your overall store.

  • In stock products will display 'In stock' if you are not actively managing stock, or '57 in stock' if you are managing stock and there are 57 units in stock.
  • Out of stock products will display 'Out of stock' and the quantity box will be greyed out.
  • Backorder products will display as 'In stock' if you have enabled backorders but have not selected to notify the customer, or 'On backorder' if you have selected to notify the customer.

Showing and hiding out of stock products

If you are not displaying stock information thenĀ out of stock variations will appear in the grid but the quantity box will not appear.

The variations grid will prevent customers from using the up/down quantity arrows to select more variations than you have in stock. For example, if a variation only has 2 in stock, then if you use the + arrow to increase the quantity then you can only increase it to 2. It will not increase beyond 2.

If you manually type a higher number (e.g. 5) into the box and try to click the 'Add to Cart' button, then a warning will appear at the top of the page. For example, it might say: "You cannot add that amount of "T-Shirt - Red, Small" to the cart because there is not enough stock (2 remaining)." That way, the customer can see how many are in stock.

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