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Quantity selector problems

WooCommerce product table with quantity selector dropdown

Product table with quantity pickers enabled

Enabling the quantity option on the plugin settings page will add a quantity picker to the buy column (assuming this column is present in the table). Customers can use this to choose a quantity before adding products to the cart.

If you wish to enable the quantity picker on some tables but not others, then you can also do this directly in the [product_table] shortcode as follows:

  • [product_table quantities="true"] - enables the quantity selector
  • [product_table quantities="false"] - disables the quantity selector

Why isn't the quantity selector or up/down arrow working?

First, please check that your quantity options are set up correctly - both in WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce itself:

  1. Have you included the buy column? The quantity dropdown appears inside the buy column. If you haven't added this column to your product table then the quantity selector won't appear.
  2. Check whether you can change the quantity on the single product page. Check the single product page for one of your products. If the quantity selector or the plus/minus icons don't work there either, then the problem is caused by your WooCommerce setup or theme instead of WooCommerce Product Table.
  3. Check your WooCommerce settings. Your WooCommerce settings (or possibly another plugin) may be controlling whether customers can change the quantity. For example, ticking the 'Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order' box in the 'Product Attributes' section for any product will hide the quantity selector. Alternatively, you might have another plugin installed which is setting a minimum or maximum order quantity.

If the above doesn't help, then there are three likely explanations for the problem:

  • The most common reason for the quantity buttons or +/- arrows not to work is a conflict with your theme or another plugin. Please try switching to a default theme (e.g. TwentySeventeen) and disable all the plugins apart from WooCommerce and WooCommerce Product Table, and re-test. If the quantity arrows start working then you need to reactivate everything one by one to find the cause of the problem.
  • An unusual conflict sometimes happens with certain themes (e.g. Avada) when you have more than one table per page. If you find that the quantity buttons work in the first product table on the page but not the other tables, then you need to enable lazy load to fix the problem.
  • Another possibility is that an error with your SSL certificate is blocking the quantity picker from working. Check all the content on your site is loading securely over HTTPS.

With these errors, a useful tip is to view your website in Chrome and right-click on the broken quantity selector. Click 'Inspect Element' and then click on the 'Console' tab. If you can see any errors then these could be breaking the JavaScript in the quantity buttons. Find out what is causing these errors (e.g. the theme or another plugin) and fix them, and the quantity buttons should start working.

Suggested workarounds

If the quantity picker in your theme doesn't work in the product table, then here are some suggested workarounds:

  • Remove the buy column and add a button column linking to the single product page, where customers can choose a quantity and add to the cart instead of directly in the table.
  • Alternatively, you can use our WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin to add a quick_view column to the table. Customers can use this to choose quantities and add to the cart from a lightbox popup, instead of having to buy directly in the table. This is a good alternative if you want to keep customers on the product table page and not direct them to a separate page for each product.

Can I set quantity increments or a maximum/minimum quantity of products that can be purchased?

Yes! WooCommerce Product Table works beautifully with the free WooCommerce Max Quantity and Quantities and Units for WooCommerce plugins. Please see our announcement articles for more information about how the two plugins work together:

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