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My products are appearing in the default grid layout underneath the product table!

If you have added the [product_table] shortcode to the main Shop page in the WordPress admin, then WooCommerce will still show the default grid of products underneath. That's because the 'Shop' page selected in the WooCommerce settings uses the archive-product.php template file in your theme, which contains the default grid layout.

You can use the 'Edit Page' screen to add content which will appear above the product grid, but it will not replace the default layout. As a result, if you add the product table shortcode directly to the content of the Shop page, then the products will still be listed below the table in the original layout.

Instead, you need to remove the [product_table] shortcode from the page content in the WordPress admin, and enable the 'Shop page' option on the WooCommerce Product Tables settings page. This will add the product table layout to your shop page, so you don't need to use the shortcode.

WooCommerce add product table to shop and category pages

Tip: Don't forget to remove the [product_table] shortcode from the 'Edit Page' screen for your Shop page, as otherwise your product table will appear twice when you add it to the template file! 

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