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Using Product Tables with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

WooCommerce Product Table is designed to integrate with our WooCommerce Product Options plugin. It's useful if you want to show extra options in your product tables, in addition to what's possible with variable products. For example, you can use add-ons to add checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists similar to the variation dropdowns, and text input boxes.

WooCommerce Product Table Add-Ons Plugin

Note: WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Product Options are two separate WordPress plugins. You will need to purchase both in order to use the features described on this page. If you don't want to buy the Add-Ons plugin, then you can add extra options to your product tables using WooCommerce product variations instead. 

Which add-on field types can I use in my product tables?

WooCommerce Product Options cake

You can display the following add-on types in the buy column of WooCommerce Product Table:

  • Multiple choice - customers can choose options from either a dropdown list or radio buttons.
  • Checkboxes – 1 or more checkboxes that customers can tick to choose extra options.
  • Short text – text entry field where users can write multiple lines of text (you can add a character limit). Useful if you're selling gift products and want to allow customers to add a custom gift message for the tag (for extra cost); or if you're selling food online and need a way for customers to make special requests to their dish.
  • Long text – paragraph-sized text input field where users can write multiple lines of text (you can add a character limit)
  • File upload - allows the customer to upload a file which is then sent through to the administrator in the order confirmation email.
  • Customer defined price - adds a field where the customer can choose what they wish to pay for the product. (Useful for taking tips in a restaurant, or charity donations.)
  • Static content – this option isn't strictly an add-on. It simply lets you add extra headings between your add-ons, either as HTML or using a visual editor. Useful if you're adding large numbers of add-ons to a particular product, as you can structure them into sections like this:
WooCommerce Product Options computer

It works with individual add-ons added directly to specific products, and global add-ons that you add centrally and automatically appear for all products.

How to use Product Tables with WooCommerce Product Options

  1. Install the WooCommerce Product Options WP plugin and set up add-ons for any or all of your products.
  2. Install WooCommerce Product Table and follow the instructions to add a product table. You must include the buy column.
  3. View the page with your product table. You will see the add-ons appear in the buy column.
  4. If you'd like to make any changes to the layout of the add-ons in the table, you can do this on the plugin settings page (instructions below).

Do the add-ons work with product variations?

Yes, you can create add-ons for variable products and display all the options together in the product table.

If you're displaying product variations as dropdown lists in the table, then you can use them in addition to product add-ons.

WooCommerce Product Table also has an option to list variations on separate rows.

Does it work with other Product Add-Ons plugins?

We recommend using WooCommerce Product Table with our own WooCommerce Product Options plugin because we have full control over both plugins and guarantee that they will always be compatible.

Before releasing our own product options plugin, we integrated with the official Product Add-Ons plugin from woocommerce.com. We've done a lot of work to integrate the two plugins and often have to redo the integration when WooCommerce make major changes to their problem. That's a major reason why we now have our own version (as well as the extra features which you don't get in the official extension, such as conditional logic and extra add-on styles). For the time being, we are continuing to test WooCommerce Product Table with the official Product Add-Ons plugin, although we will continue reviewing this and may change this policy in the future.

Due to the work required to integrate with each add-ons plugin, it wouldn't be realistic for us to integrate with other similar plugins such as TM Extra Product Options or YITH Product Add-Ons.

Quite a few people ask us whether they can use WooCommerce Product Table with TM Extra Product Options. The author of TM Extra Product Options previously tried to integrate the two plugins and discovered that it wasn’t realistic because of the way they are coded. However, he has integrated with our other plugin - WooCommerce Quick View Pro. If you’d like to use TM Extra Product Options with product tables, then we therefore recommend doing it like this:

  1. Install our WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin.
  2. Set up WooCommerce Product Table as usual but instead of having the buy column, include a quick_view column in the table.
  3. Customers can click on the quick view buttons to view more information in a lightbox. The extra product options will appear correctly in the lightbox, so customers can select them and add to the cart from the lightbox. This is a nice way to avoid the fact that the extra options don’t work within the buy column of the product table.

If you would like customers to be able to select extra options directly from the buy column of the product table, then the only option is to use a plugin that we have specifically integrated with - ideally WooCommerce Product Options.

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