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How do protected categories look in my RSS feed?

If you're using our Password Protected Categories or WooCommerce Protected Categories plugins, then you might want to know how the protected content will appear in your site's RSS feed.

The RSS feed for the protected category pages will not show any content, as the RSS reader does not have access to the protected category. For example, you can see this by going to: https://protectedcat.barn2.com/product-category/clothes/feed on our demo site (this is a protected category page).

If you have ticked the 'Category Visibility' box on the settings page to show protected content to visitors, then if someone visits the RSS feed for your main blog/shop page which lists all your posts/products, the protected posts/products will be visible in the feed. This will include the full text if the 'Full text' box is ticked under Settings > Reading in the WordPress admin. If you have set this option to 'Summary' then only the summary or excerpt will appear.

If you have unticked the 'Category Visibility' box on the plugin settings page then the protected content will be completely hidden from people who have not yet unlocked the category, including RSS readers. This means that they will not show up at all in the main RSS feed for your blog or shop.

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