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Can people register to access a protected WordPress category?

You can allow people to register to access your protected WordPress categories - either with or without manual approval by an administrator.

The exact method depends on whether you're using the password protected option in Password Protected Categories (which involves using one or more shared passwords for your protected categories); or user role protection options (which require individual user accounts for each person).

Create a registration form for password protected categories

  1. First, create your password protected categories.
  2. Use any contact form plugin (e.g. Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms) to create a category registration form.
  3. The next step depends on whether you want people to access the password protected category immediately, or whether you want to approve new requests first:
    • Hold new requests for moderation - when someone submits the category access form, you will receive an email. To manually approve their request, simply email them the password and login link for the protected category.
      • Allow instant access the protected category - use the settings for your category registration form to either show the password and login link on the 'Success' message that appears after you submit the form; or in an auto-response that is emailed to people after submitting the form. They can access the protected category as soon as they have the password.

Create a registration form for role protected categories

  1. First, create a category and restrict it to a specific user role.
  2. Use the Gravity Forms plugin to create a front end category registration form with all the fields you require.
  3. Next, use the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On to automatically create a user with the appropriate role whenever someone submits the category registration form. Decide whether or not to hold new users for manual moderation by an administrator before they can unlock the category for the first time.
  4. Whenever someone logs into their account for the first time, they will have access to the protected category.

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