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How to redirect users after logging in

When you use the Password Protected Categories plugin to control who can access each category on your WordPress site, you might want to automatically redirect users to a specific page after they login. For example, perhaps you want to redirect them to their own main category page.

The best way to do this depends on what type of protection you are using.

Password protection

If you have restricted your categories using a simple password then the login redirect is already built into the plugin.

When someone enters a correct password, then they will automatically be redirected to the unlocked page for the category which matches this password.

User or role protection

If you have restricted categories to specific logged in users or roles, then what happens after people log into their accounts comes from WordPress itself rather than Password Protected Categories. This means that you can use any login redirect plugin to choose what happens when people login.

We particularly recommend the LoginWP plugin. This lets you add fine-grained rules for login redirections. For example, you can set a URL for users to be redirected to depending on their user role or even their individual username. This is a good way to redirect people to their category after they login.

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