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The product count is incorrect

WooCommerce Product Filters has a Product count feature which you can use to display the number of results on each filter option.

If you are using the plugin on its own with WooCommerce, then the product count will always be correct. The only reason why it may not show the correct number is if the index is currently being rebuilt. If this is happening then a notice will appear in the WordPress admin and the product count will update as soon as the re-indexing finishes.

However, the product count may sometimes not be correct when you are using WooCommerce Product Filters with third party plugins. We have documented the examples that we are aware of below - please let us know about any others so that we can add them to the list.

[products] shortcode

WooCommerce comes with a [products] shortcode which you can use to list products anywhere on your site. You should add cache="no" inside the [products] shortcode to ensure the product count is always correct.

Example: [products cache="no"]

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and WooCommerce Protected Categories plugins

If you are using Product Filter Pro with our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro or WooCommerce Protected Categories plugins then you should normally disable the product count because it may not be accurate. Specifically:

  • Product category, 'In stock' and 'On sale' filters will display the correct product counts.
  • Filters that use any other data source (e.g. product tags or attributes) will not display the correct count. Instead, they will display the total number of products associated with that term in your store, instead of just the ones on the current page.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin

We highly recommend using WooCommerce Product Filters with WooCommerce Product Table. The only limitation with the product count is if you are using the option in WooCommerce Product Table to list each variation on its own row in the table. If you are doing this then the product count will not be correct because it looks at the number of products rather than the number of variations. As a result, we recommend disabling the product count.

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