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Why is (or isn't) there a vertical scrollbar on my filters?

The WooCommerce Product Filters plugin is coded to make sure that your filters always look good. One way that it does this is by displaying a vertical scrollbar for filters that have more than 20 options.

If a filter has up to 20 options then they will all be visible on page load. If a filter has 21 or more options then the first 20 will be loaded, and a vertical scrollbar will appear at the right of the filter. Customers can use this to view the remaining filters.

There are two advantages to this approach:

  • If you have filters with a large number of options, then they will never look bad and take up too much vertical space. There is a clear maximum height on each filter.
  • Only loading 20 options with the initial page load is better for performance. This avoids slowing down your site.

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