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How to import product lead times

WooCommerce Lead Time stores the lead time for each product either as a custom field on the 'products' post type. You can use this information to bulk import lead times to your store, instead of having to enter them manually. You can do this using any import plugin that supports custom fields, such as Product CSV Import Suite.

Individual products

The custom field name is _wclt_lead_time for individual products that do not have a dynamic lead time.

When the product has a dynamic lead time format assigned, the key used is _wclt_lead_time_date.

Variable products

The key _wclt_variation_lead_time is used for variations that do not have a dynamic lead time.

When the variation has a dynamic lead time format, the key used is _wclt_lead_time_date.

Lead time per stock status

When the option “Lead time per stock status” is enabled on the plugin settings page then the stock status is added to the slug as a suffix. For example:

  • For static lead times, the key changes from _wclt_lead_time to _wclt_lead_time_instock.
  • For dynamic lead times, the key becomes _wclt_lead_time_date_instock.

This is for both simple products and variable products.

Global and category lead times

Additionally, lead times can be set on the category and global level. If you'd like to import this data then it is stored as follows:

  • As term meta for product categories with the meta_key of wclt_lead_time.
  • As a site option with the option_name of wclt_global_time.

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