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The additional emails aren't being sent

This is what to do if you're using the WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin and find that the order emails are not being sent to the additional email recipients.

1. Have you added any additional recipients?

When you test the WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin, it's important to make sure you have added some additional email addresses to the user account you're testing with. To check this, go to the 'Edit User' screen in the WordPress admin and make sure that more than one email address has been added.

2. Is the email enabled for the additional recipients?

You can choose which of the WooCommerce customer emails will be sent to the additional recipients. Make sure the email you're testing with is definitely enabled for the additional recipients:

  1. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Emails.
  2. Click 'Manage' for any of the emails which are labelled 'Customer'.
  3. Make sure the email is enabled and the option labelled 'Enable this email notification for additional emails' is also ticked.

3. Are the emails being sent?

The next step is to check whether the plugin is actually sending the emails. This is important because at this stage, you don't know whether:

  • The emails are not being sent at all, or;
  • The emails are being sent but are being spammed.

If you already use a service such as Mailgun which tracks the emails sent from your website, then check the email logs. These will show you whether the emails are recorded as having been sent to the additional recipients. If not, install the free Check & Log Email plugin and then place a test order. Check the email log to see whether the emails were actually sent.

If the emails are being sent then you should install some anti-spam measures on your website to prove that the emails are verified and appear trustworthy. (Here's a useful article about how to do this.)

Alternatively, if the emails are not being sent then please contact us for support.

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