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The additional email fields are not appearing or appearing in the wrong location on the Account/Checkout page

The WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin lets you add extra customer email address fields to the WooCommerce checkout and account pages.

Ideally, these additional fields would appear immediately after the main email field which is part of WooCommerce itself. Unfortunately, this is not possible on most websites because of the filters that WooCommerce provides to allow us to insert extra fields into the account page and checkout. As a result, the extra fields may not appear immediately after the main email address field.

We have designed the plugin to insert the extra fields into the account page and checkout in a way that is as natural and intuitive as possible for customers. Unfortunately it is not possible to move them further up the page. If WooCommerce adds additional filters in future that make this possible then we will start using them straight away to give you more control.

WooCommerce blocks checkout

Please note that at the moment, the plugin is not compatible with the WooCommerce blocks checkout and if your checkout page is created with blocks, the additional email fields won't display.

To fix this, you need to edit the checkout page; delete the checkout block and replace it with the woocommerce_checkout shortcode.

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