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How to list documents in a widget

Most people use the Document Library Pro plugin to list documents on normal pages. However, you can also use it to list documents in a widget.

For example, you may have an e-commerce website and want to list related documents in the sidebar on your product pages. Perhaps you have a blog and want to list related documents in the sidebar of each post.

To create a document library widget, simply add the [doc_library] shortcode to a text or Visual Editor widget.

The following tips will help you to list documents in widgets more effectively:

  • Use the shortcode options to choose which documents to list in each widget (e.g. by category or tag).
  • Widgets are typically smaller than pages, so you should include fewer columns. For example, you could just include the title and link columns.
  • Alternatively, if you want to add more columns then use the responsive options to choose which columns to hide when the documents first load. Visitors can click on the + icon to view the hidden columns.
  • Use the free Widget Options plugin to list different documents in the sidebar of each page or post. Create a separate document for each page/post and use Widget Options to set the visibility.

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