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What document file types and sizes are supported?

The Document Library Pro plugin supports any file type or size and does not restrict what you can upload. However, there may be restrictions from your WordPress installation and hosting company.

Invalid file type

If you get an 'Invalid file type' warning when you try to upload a document to the library, then this will be because the file type is blocked by your WordPress settings or host. We recommend asking your developer or hosting company to allow that file type.

If it's not possible for your WordPress site to accept the file type, then there is an easy workaround you can use:

  1. Store the files on a third party platform which does support that type (e.g. Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive).
  2. Add the document in Document Library Pro as usual but instead of uploading the file directly, select the file URL option and enter the URL of where the document is stored.

The document will appear correctly in the document library on your WordPress site, and the download button will link to its location on the third party platform where you are storing the file.

Advice for WordPress multisites

If you are using WordPress multisite, then there are some settings in the network admin which allow you to control the allowable file types and maximum file upload sizes. You can find these under Network Admin → Settings.

WordPress multisite file type size

Document preview

The document preview feature in Document Library Pro appears for certain file types only. Please see the 'Document Preview' article for a full list of supported file types.

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