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Document Library Pro uses PHP templating to display the grid cards, submission form, and image lightbox.

Template location

All templates are included in the /templates folder within the plugin. On your web server this location would be:


The templates

Within the /templates folder you will find subfolders and files for the following:

  • admin - Controls the display of admin metaboxes.
  • form-fields - Controls the display of frontend submission form fields.
  • grid-card - Controls the display of elements in the cards on the grid layout.
  • photoswipe.php - Controls the display of the lightbox.
  • comments.php - This is used to disable comments in some themes.

Overriding a template

To override a template, you need to copy the required template to your theme folder and place it in the folder /dlp_templates/within your theme folder.

For example, if you wanted to override the title.php template contained under the /grid-card/ template folder, you would copy title.php to your theme at this location:

/wp-content/themes/<your theme>/dlp_templates/grid-card/title.php

if you wanted to override the photoswipe.php template contained in the template folder, you would copy photoswipe.php from the plugin to your theme at this location:

/wp-content/themes/<your theme>/dlp_templates/photoswipe.php

Grid cards

Grid cards can be customized in multiple ways:

  • Using the grid card hooks. This is useful if you want to insert some extra information somewhere on the grid card - see this article for a visual representation of the hooks.
  • Overriding with custom templates to replace specific parts of the grid card. These are located in `templates/grid-card`
  • Completely redesign the grid card using the document_library_pro_grid_html filter - see the filter documentation here.

Single Document Page

If you would like to completely replace the single document template then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Disable the document_library_pro_enable_single_content_customization filter using the code below.
    add_filter( 'document_library_pro_enable_single_content_customization', '__return_false' );
  2. Create a custom single-dlp_document.php template in the root of your theme. A sample single template is available to download here.

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