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My custom fields aren't displaying correctly

This is how to troubleshoot issues with your custom fields in WooCommerce Product Table.

The product table will display data that is stored within custom fields, and it will render any HTML that is stored in custom fields. It works with all custom fields plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Type UI.

For example, if your custom field contains the URL of an image then the table will display the URL, NOT the actual image. If your custom field contains the HTML code to embed an image then the actual image will be displayed in the WooCommerce table. This applies to various types of content that can be stored in custom fields.

My custom field is just showing as code

If you have added a shortcode (e.g. from your theme or another plugin) in a custom field then you need to add shortcodes="true" to the product table shortcode in order to render the shortcode correctly in the table. For example, you can display embedded audio or video files in a product table by adding the embed code to a custom field and setting shortcodes to true.

I'm using the Toolset plugin and my custom fields aren't working

If you're using Toolset to create your custom fields, then you need slightly different syntax to display them in the product table. You can read full instructions in our articles about custom field columns or creating tables of products with specific custom field values

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