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Importing to the bulk variations grid

If you are importing variable products to your store, then you can save time by importing the settings for the bulk variations grid at the same time. This allows you to start displaying them in a variations grid immediately using the WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin.

How to import variable products

First, you need to plan how to import the variable products to your store. You need to do this whether or not you will be displaying them using WooCommerce Bulk Variations.

You can bulk import variable products to WooCommerce using the built-in WooCommerce importer, or any import plugin such as Product CSV Import Suite.

Before the import, you will need to prepare an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, XML file or similar with the data to be imported.

Please note that product imports can be very complex and you will need to use the documentation for your import plugin to get the format of the spreadsheet exactly right. You may need an experienced developer to help you with this.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

Can I display imported variations in a grid?

Once you have imported the variable products to your store, if they have 1 or 2 variation attributes then you can display the options using WooCommerce Bulk Variations.

How to import the bulk variations grid settings

There are 2 ways to automatically enable the variations grid for eligible products:

  1. Tick the 'Enable globally' option on the WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin settings page. This will enable it for all products, so you don't need to worry about changing the settings for individual products as part of the import.
  2. If you want to enable the grid individually for specific products, then you can do this as part of the import by importing to the custom field "wcbvp_variations_data_override". This should be a boolean, either true or false. This will activate the variations grid for the appropriate products.

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