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How to hide the price in the bulk variations grid from logged out users

The WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin shows the same information to all customers, regardless of their role or whether they are logged in. You can change this by using it with a 'Hide price until login' plugin. In particular, we have tested with this feature in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and guarantee that the two plugins work together.

The way it works is that you enable the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin and enable the 'Hide price until login' feature. You then set up the WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin as usual. When a guest or logged our customer accesses your store, they can see the bulk variations grid - but the product prices, quantity pickers and buy buttons will be hidden. Logged in users will be able to see the prices and purchase at the correct price for their role. 

For full instructions, read our full tutorial 'How to hide prices until login'. This doesn't specifically mention WooCommerce Bulk Variations, but everything in it is fully compatible with WooCommerce Bulk Variations.

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