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Removing user passwords from the New Wholesale Account email

In version 1.7.2 of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro, we improved the emails to new wholesale users by requiring them to click on a link to create their password, instead of sending the password in the email. This has been possible because of recent improvements to WordPress itself.

If you were using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro prior to version 1.7.2 then your emails to new wholesale users may include a {user_pass} merge tag. To take advantage of the new features and make the process more secure, we recommend changing this as follows:

  1. To go WooCommerce → Emails and click 'Manage' for the 'Wholesale registration approved' and 'New wholesale account' emails.
  2. Remove {user_pass} from the email and replace it with <a href="{set_password_url}">Click here to set your password.</a>

This will remove the password from the email, and replace it with a link for the user to click to reset their password.

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