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I had used Barn2's "Posts Table Pro" plugin to build a music library for a composer's website several years ago, so when a friend in the research division at a major hospital asked me if I could assist in building a grant documents library for their intranet, I came back to Barn2. In the interim, they had developed "Document Library Pro," which turned out to be exactly what I needed. It has all of the flexibility and features my client required and has been a breeze to implement. The Barn2 support always responds within 24 hours on the rare occasions that I need something I can't find in the documentation. This is a solid plugin from a good company.
Excellent Plugin
Very complete and customizable plugin. I'm building a big archive and it works fine. The support team is excellent and is helping me along the way :). Keep up the good work, Barn2.
Great Support!
We contacted their support because we found a bug in their search functionality. Less than a week later, they released an updated version of their plugin fixing our issue. Thanks for the great and prompt support. We appreciate it! The plugin works great!
Good document management plugin
Document Library Pro is a solid document management tool we use for setting up frontside doc centers for our clients. It is pretty quick to setup and very flexible. Highly recommended. The support team is quick to respond to help out with any issues or questions.
Top plugin
Perfect plugin to manage documents on your WordPress website. Easy to setup, well documented, and with good support. GJ!
Great tool
Easy to use and perfectly functional!
Great Plugin
A really good plugin, customizable and easy to use. Great customer support also, replying quickly and helpfully and even contact you asking what plugin additions you would like to see in the future. Nice!
Top-notch WordPress Document Library plugin!
The plugin works well, and is quite simple to configure & integrate! The documentation is outstanding and thorough. I highly recommend this plugin and will definitely use it again for client projects. We would *really* like to see a document version control feature in the future.
Great plugin & Fantastic Support
The dev team made a great job of fixing features that we badly needed as per our client's requirements. This is way beyond anyone's expectations when you contact Support of any type of software. Thank you Carl and Team!
Excellent Product
This plugin works extremely well! It's easy to use and the documentation is well done. I highly recommend this plugin and will surely use it again.
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