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Using WPML to translate Password Protected Categories

Password Protected Categories is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create private, hidden product areas within your WordPress website. You can easily translate all of your site’s categories, including password protected categories, using WPML.

What you will need

Getting started

Please refer to the WPML Getting Started Guide to set up WPML correctly for your site.

Translating your password protected categories

  1. Install Password Protected Categories.
  2. Go to Posts → Categories and create one or more password protected categories in the default language of your website.
  3. Go to WPML → Taxonomy Translation and choose the taxonomy type you would like to translate.
    Click the plus icon to add your translations.

Please note: If you have Translate Everything enabled and assign a post to an untranslated password protected category, the category will be translated but may be marked as public. To change this:

  1. Go to Posts → Categories.
  2. Using the language switcher at the top of the page, change to the site’s secondary language.
  3. Click the translated category you would like to be password protected.
  4. Scroll down to the Visibility section to mark it as Protected and set a password.

Translating your posts and categories

Once your password protected categories have been translated, you can assign them to your posts. WPML offers several options for who can translate your posts:

  • Yourself
  • Translators who are users of your site
  • A professional translation service

To translate content yourself:

  1. Go to Posts → All Posts.
  2. Click the plus icon next to the post you want to translate.
    Translate Posts Table Pro with WPML
  3. This opens the Advanced Translation Editor where you can add your translations.
    WooCommerce Product Table translate WPML
  4. Click Complete to save your translations.

To send content to be translated:

  1. Go to WPML → Translation Management.
  2. Choose the posts you want to send to another translator or translation service.
  3. Choose the languages you want to translate them into and add them to your Translation Basket.
    Posts Table Pro translate WordPress posts WPML
  4. Select your translator or translation service, and send.
    Translation basket WPML

Translating the category login form

No extra setup is required if you restrict categories to specific users or user roles. This is because the categories are restricted to logged in users with the correct privileges. In these cases, they log in using the WordPress login page rather than the password login form that comes with our plugin. WPML translates the WordPress login page by default.

If you are using password protected categories, you can translate the category login form using WPML’s String Translation.

  1. Go to WPML → Theme and plugin localization and scan the Password Protected Categories plugin for strings.
  2. Go to WPML → String Translation and search for the text you want to translate.
  3. Click the plus icon to add translations yourself. Or, you can select all the strings you want to translate and add them to the Translation Basket to send to a translator or professional translation service.

Where to get support

We hope that the above instructions give you everything you need.

As Barn2 are not experts in using the WPML plugin, WPML have kindly offered to support our customers with any problems that you have with translating our plugins using WPML. They will help you to ensure that you have set up WPML correctly, and will liaise with our developers directly if they discover any compatibility issues.

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