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How to allow people to edit protected categories without accessing other parts of the admin

Normally, the Administrator, Editor and Store Manager user roles can control access to categories in our WooCommerce Protected Categories and Password Protected Categories plugins. This article explains how to create a custom user role which can edit category visibility without being able to access other parts of the WordPress admin. This is a secure option if you have team members who need to be able to choose who can access categories without being able to make other changes on your site.

  1. Install the free User Role Editor plugin on your site.
  2. Go to Users → User Role Editor and click 'Add Role'.
  3. Add a name and ID for the role (no one will see this, so add something that will help you to recognise it in future).
  4. Give the new role the 'manage_categories' permission but no other capabilities.
  5. Go to Users → Add New and add the team members who need to be able to edit category visibility, making sure you select the correct role. When they log into their account, they will see the categories section but none of the other areas of the WordPress Dashboard such as 'Appearance', 'Settings' or 'Plugins'.

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